Our culture is rooted in responsibility and transparency. We strive to continuously innovate, prosper and grow an environment that promotes positive change. Our unique delivery model is built upon extensive knowledge of the medical industry to deliver products that are organically grown in the USA, and third party tested.

..Built upon extensive knowledge of the medical industry to deliver products that are organically grown in the USA..

The Origin of TOKA

Defined as “developing high spirituality, as if having divine protection,” a toka is sensitive, affectionate, imaginative, cooperative and spiritually aware. Tokas may possess healing and psychic powers and act as peacemakers. The laws of harmony and desire are what balance life around them.

Our Vision

Assisting our patients in their journey toward a pain-free life is our main priority at TOKA. Our goal is to support CBD users all along the continuum of care by educating them about the widespread and proven effectiveness of CBD resources, which can provide better wellness solutions and outcomes than traditional medicine.

At TOKA, we encourage a culture of connecting with one another. We request feedback from our TOKA community to further the quality control of our program, open new doors for healing, and provide a rainbow of opportunities for all to renew and restore their health.

To date, we are meeting our goals by:

  • providing some of the finest CBD products on the market today
  • creating new and innovative pathways in holistic treatment plans
  • working with emerging medical research concepts
  • enlisting vast and comprehensive recovery support and resources
  • employing a committed team of medical and CBD professionals who execute with passion and bravery.


Our Mission

Our mission at Toka is to provide relief and allow others to live their healthiest lives. Toka is more than a CBD company, we are founded on the belief that….

With so many CBD products available, it’s hard to find one that actually works. That’s why here at Toka, we have made it our mission to produce the purest, most effective CBD. We have done all the research and testing to make sure our product is of the highest quality, all with one thing in mind: making people feel like the best version of themselves, naturally.

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